Taleen Vartanian

Taleen Vartanian has maintained an executive position at Foundation Laboratory for over two decades. As Vice President of both Finance and Human Resources since 1998, Vartanian provides fiscal leadership and management, including direct management and oversight of Foundation Laboratory and Viazoi. In her Human Resources role, she is responsible for leading the overall human resources strategy, global talent acquisition, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, organizational design and cultural development, employee education and development, compensation and benefits, HR operations and technology, employee relations, and security. Prior to her current executive role, Vartanian has spent the better part of a decade launching the organization from its infancy.

Vartanian holds a B.A. from University of California, Santa Barbara in Biopsychology. In her leisure time, Vartanian enjoys spending time with her three beautiful children, philanthropic endeavors, traveling and spending time being active in her wellness journey.

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