Viazoi and Yikon Genomics have collaborated to make non Invasive PGT-A available clinically in the USA

Yikon Genomics and Viazoi, a genetic testing and wellness division of Foundation Laboratory, have collaborated to launch clinical Non Invasive PGT-A services in the USA, promising to revolutionize the fertility industry by enabling physicians to virtually eliminate false negatives due to mosaicism, and giving these physicians and patients peace of mind in their embryo screening processes. Noninvasive PGT-A allows embryos to be screened for chromosomal aneuploidy prior to implantation without the previously utilized invasive methodology of a biopsy. Instead, the culture medium used during in-vitro embryo culture is collected and then processed for aneuploidy screening, through library preparation and NGS (next generation sequencing). This innovative technique enables PGT-A to be performed in an easier, safer, more accurate, and more cost-effective way. Read full article

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