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Is it possible to nurture great skin or is it just your genes?  We believe it’s a little bit of both.  Find out what your skin’s biology can tell you about how to care for it and what type of products will enhance its radiance.

  • Receive results and recommendations for a custom skincare program
  • Detailed steps on how to improve damaged skin
  • How to choose products with the right active ingredients to improve and maintain your skin
  • Receive samples of products with active ingredients that are right for your skin (optional)
  • Prepaid shipping envelope included




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3 reviews
  • Rated 5 out of 5


    I wish I had this information in my early twenties, I would have saved so much money and time on skincare treatments and products better suited for my skintype. Now in my 40’s this information will help narrow down my options to obtain a more youthful and radiant skin.

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  • Rated 5 out of 5


    I am so thankful I found Viazoi while doing my research on the best companies for DNA wellness testing. I’m not a scientist so I knew I wanted a test that helped me understand the results and more importantly, give me useful recommendations on what I can do with the information. I decided to buy the skin test first and I was not disappointed. The test was super easy to administer and it didn’t take that long to get my results back. When I got the report, it was straight-forward and easy to understand and they gave me some great recommendations on what types of products I should be using to help enhance my skin’s hydration, elasticity and to reduce my tendency for dark spots. I have been recommending this to all of my friends!

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    I had no idea what active ingredients I should be looking for in my skin products… I take really good care of my skin- at 47 was wondering what more I could do to make sure I stayed looking good as long as possible. After I got this report I realized that I should be using hyaluronic acid on my face to keep it full and glowing and not retinol as it was actually drying out my skin. Turns out I am susceptible to dehydration and my skin was showing it… I had been putting retinol on through lotions for anti-aging and turns out it was actually drying out my skin. So interesting I stopped buying products with retinol and switched to hyaluronic acid to keep my skin hydrated vs. lathering on lotions that cause acne (for me). Anyway, it is cool because I am now focused on the right issues. I don’t go to a dermatologist cause I never had anything wrong… I just want to look good and not waste money. The test was simple, I just sent my sample into the lab with a prepaid envelope in the normal mail and I got my skin lab results in 2.5 weeks. Funny, the report is so detailed it even told me to what to add to my diet to balance out my skin. I am 47 and I am super happy I used this new type of test.

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