Get to know your U-ology

Get to know your U-ology

From your ancestry to your health profile, knowing your body’s biology is the key to wellness.

Discover your DNA Strengths

Discover your DNA Strengths

Create a wellness plan by choosing products that work best for you.

Beautiful skin  starts with you

Beautiful skin starts with you

Find out how to get and keep your glow.

Your taste buds demand more

Your taste buds demand more

Craft the most delicious meals or select the perfect wine based on your own biological preferences.

Skin Beauty


Radiance and glow!

Develop a skincare program, including free samples, based on your skin’s biology.


Food & Wine Preference


Go for the delicious.

Let your biological taste preferences guide your culinary choices.


Weight Insights (Diet & Exercise)


Learn how your body responds to various diets!

Maximize your exercise and eating habits by using your body’s biology to lead you.

Wellness Programs Based on Your Unique Biology

Your Biology

Your biology provides important insights into what makes you unique … it’s your U-ology.

Proactive Choices

Healthier and more tailored choices can be made when you know what makes your body tick.

Make Connections

Meaningful change can happen when you connect your biology to other areas of your life from products you use to creating a custom wellness plan for yourself.

Planning for Your Wellness

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We will process your sample and create customized recommendations to optimize your lifestyle.

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