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How Our Tests Work

Order your Test Online

Create an account and purchase your test.  Once approved by a Viazoi physician, we will ship the kit right to your home.  It’s that simple.

Saliva Sample

Provide a saliva sample using the ViaGene collection kit then ship back using the prepaid packaging.

Get your Results

Review your results securely online and discuss with a Viazoi genetic counselor to gain a better understanding of your inherited disease risk.

Planning for Wellness Matters

Know your DNA

It is important to know your genetic background including your predisposition to certain diseases.  While some diseases are 100% driven by genetics, most are heavily influenced by lifestyle choices including diet and exercise. Using ViaGene,  you can share the results with your doctor to create an appropriate wellness plan.

Proactive Wellness

We believe in giving you the information to develop the appropriate wellness program with your doctor for a healthier living. Check back regularly to learn about other products and services beyond genetic testing that can help guide your at-home personal care regimen.

The Step-by-Step Process

Purchase your genetic test online. Complete a brief questionnaire on personal and family health history.  Upon receiving the collection kit, follow the simple steps included in the kit, provide a saliva sample and return to Viazoi for testing.

Redefining Wellness

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