Let your biology
guide the way

At-home wellness tests translated into personalized wellness programs – just for you!

The door to successful wellness starts with your biology.

It’s the combination of your life choices and genetics that make up the biology of your body…we call it U-ology™.

Here at Viazoi, we believe that meaningful change can happen when you use knowledge of your unique ever-changing biology to guide the best choices for our body. From selection of the best active ingredients to maintain skin beauty to the most useful type of diet and exercise.

Let your biology guide the way.

Skin Beauty

Best Seller

Radiance and glow!
Devalop a skincare program, including free samples, based on your skin’s biology.

Taste Pairings (Food & Wine)


Go for the delicious.
Let your biological taste preferences guide your culinary choices.

Genetic Weight Insights (Diet & Exercise)

New Product

Learn how your body responds to various diets!
Maximize your exercise and eating habits by using your body’s biology to lead you.

Wellness Programs Based on Your Unique Biology

Your Biology

Your biology provides important insights into what makes you unique … it’s your U-ology.

Proactive Choices

Healthier and more tailored choices can be made when you know what makes your body tick.

Make Connections

Meaningful change can happen when you connect your biology to other areas of your life from products you use to creating a custom wellness plan for yourself.

I appreciate gaining a peace of mind as far as the future is concerned.
Maral, 43
I liked the ease of use to obtain the sample, collection kit and waiting for the results, it was a breeze!
David, 48
Viazoi is the best kit available for genetics testing! The website was easy to navigate, my results were sent quickly and discreetly to my email.
Hwanju, 39
I loved getting a peace of mind about my genetic background!
Naomi, 29
The simplicity of the test and how convenient it was to do the test from home and mail in the results. Thank you
Stacie, 30

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