Make a difference in your wellness and help move healthcare forward.

For the first time in history, we have affordable access to the science within each of us, and it can tell us so much about ourselves and how to make the best choices for our body and overall well-being. This information within is unique to each of us… we call it U-ologyTM. We are a CLIA certified clinical laboratory that creates wellness programs that translates biological and genetic data into actionable results that can have a real impact on a person’s life and daily choices to support their wellness journey.

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Your U-ologyTM

It’s the combination of our genetics and our life choices that make up the biology of our body. Here at viazoi, we use our scientific and medical expertise to create personalized programs that are based on your biology. From DNA testing to molecular microbe analysis, we test and analyze this data and use your U-ology to tailor a wellness program that is just for you.

Further, when DNA or biological data is pooled and made anonymous with thousands of other datasets, it can help the medical and scientific communities move healthcare forward. This is why we chose to partner with EncrypGen, because they are enabling aggregation of anonymous data and ensuring those individuals that choose to participate in the program receive value from their choices. This said, viazoi supports your choice of how your data can be utilized whether it’s sharing with the medical community or staying private – we have options available.

How the viazoi program works

Easy-to-use program

Viazoi provides state-of-the-art genetic testing. All our wellness tests are based on submitting your DNA sample from your own home (no lab visits, no appointments). Samples are then genetically analyzed, recommendations made and available electronically.

Results and recommendations you can trust

Genetic tests are run using clinical grade instrumentation and protocols at our CLIA licensed laboratory. All recommendations are reviewed and backed by industry experts. Recommendations are actionable results that can have a real impact and support your wellness journey.

Privacy control

We keep your test results confidential and in full compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and only collect information that is needed to provide you with a high-quality experience.

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Medical & Scientific Research

EncrypGen created the DNA Marketplace to nurture an ecosystem of health minded individuals, scientists, doctors, pharmaceutical labs and other health related organizations.

How it works:

After receiving your report from viazoi, you will have the option to opt-in to the DNA marketplace and start making money while helping advance medical research.


Your data will be anonymized, encrypted and ultimately pooled with other data sets for use by the medical and scientific communities.


EncrypGen will manage this process and ensure you are compensated when your data is included in a pooled data set.

Click below to contribute to the scientific and medical community and impact healthcare all while being compensated when pooled data that includes your anonymized profile is used by the medical industry.

Enter the Marketplace


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