Taste Pairings (Food & Wine)

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Create a delectable palate tailored for your taste buds by knowing your preferences for certain food and wine. Your analysis will take the guesswork out of food pairings:

  • Be the ultimate foodie and order meals that satisfy your taste or expand your food palate
  • Select wines that fit your palate and pair with the food that you are eating
  • Increase the satisfaction of your meals by adding flavors that respond well with your taste
  • Swab test mailed to your home with easy to understand results and exciting action plan
  • Learn how your heritage guides your taste preferences
  • Prepaid shipping envelope included




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2 reviews
  • Rated 5 out of 5


    I found the ordering process very straight forward. The collection was simple, literally took five minutes from opening the package to sealing it after collection was done. The results were very interactive and user friendly. Great conversation piece as well. I found most recommendation to be true just based on experience. The taste analysis is pretty spot on, the wine pairings were also accurate. I have always been a cab drinker but during the last few months I have found that drinking lighter reds, Chardonnay for whites and having sherry during meal ends have eliminated by occasional stuffy sinuses that I get from Cab. When I received my report, my intuition was confirmed since the report indicated that I should lean toward Malbec, Chardonnay, etc. It was really cool actually. Very good experience overall.

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    Not only was taking the test an interesting experience, I learned so much about my palate when it comes to wine selection. I discovered I have a gene that tends toward sweetness which explains my tendency towards a wine like Beaujolais Nouveau. It was a fun and fascinating to learn so much about me from my own DNA.

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