Month: November 2018

Your DNA uncovers many truths about your body, so imagine the knowledge it can unlock in the medicine world.

An image of DNA and the text '12 Types of Cancer' 'FDA approves milestone drug that targets cancer DNA' for a news article post

In the NBC nightly news story ‘FDA Approves The First Cancer Drug Targeting A Tumor Solely Based On Its DNA’ they show how powerful our DNA can be to cure aggressive diseases. In the news segment they talk about a new and now FDA approved drug, which was created after studying cancers with certain mutations. With the results they have created a drug that has drastically helped those cancer patients that carry this specific mutation and the drug is now working for up to 12 different types of cancers! The sharing and studying of DNA can open many doors in treating many diseases and be used foradvancements in health sciences.

Sharing DNA, although it has controversial conversations surrounding, could be monumental to disease treatment. At Viazoi, we believe in the power of DNA research. We also believe that the sharing of ones DNA should always be completely an individual’s choice and when individuals agree to allow their data to be used in a de-identified, aggregate way, they are benefiting the greater good.

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