Lala Vartanian

Lala Vartanian has maintained an executive position at Foundation Laboratory for over two decades. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, Vartanian joined Foundation Laboratory in 1998 when the company was in its infancy. Having held literally every management position at Foundation Laboratory over the last 20 years, Vartanian’s knowledge about company operations is vast and thorough. She helped integrate advanced technological changes in both clinical and technical platforms and played an important role streamlining daily operations. During the last 10 years, Vartanian’s focus has been to head the company’s revenue management/client services division located in San Dimas, CA. With the introduction of Viazoi, she now also leads the company’s client service and revenue department.

During her leisure time, Vartanian takes pride in raising her two beautiful children, interior design and enjoys maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

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