Michelle Harder

Michelle Harder is a Certified Health Coach, a Primary Sports Nutritionist, a Nationally Certified personal Trainer and a Certified Yoga Instructor. She believes in helping people find their authentic selves through mind, body and spirit; creating ….The Perfect Blend.

Michelle is an elite athlete who eats, lives and breaths fitness. She practices a holistic approach to health and wellness, she looks at all areas of ones life and helps finding the perfect balance each to their own.

With studying over 100 different diet theories and first hand having reinvented herself from a olympic hopeful marathoner to miss hawaiian islands 2008, to outrigger champions 2008 Hawaii to now deepening her yoga practice, Michelle has lived all the hard work and lifestyle to the test.

Michelle realizes that we are all made up bio individual meaning we all need to find our own balance because we are all unique in our own makeup. She believes that unfolding your journey to discovering health, happiness and a better you is the way to go.

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