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Body 360 Swab Kit

Body 360

Personalized Nutrition,
Fitness & Vitamins Plan


I want to stop the fad diets and learn what is best for my body.

I want to know what exercise plans will give me the best results.

I want to know what vitamins will help my body achieve peak performance.

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Skin Insights Swab Kit

Skin Insights

Personalized Skin Insights


I want to know what skin care products are best for my skin type.

I want to know what active ingredients to look for and which to avoid.

I want to stop wasting money and time on unnecessary skin care products.

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Genetic Weight Insights Swab Kit

Genetic Weight Insights

Personalized Diet &
Exercise Plan


I want to learn what diet my body will best respond to (low carb, low fat, low cal, etc.)

I'm tired of the yo-yo effect, I want to know what diet is sustainable for me.

I want to learn what exercise to focus on.

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We analyze your data

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We send you a custom report based on your DNA