viazoi Pro Comprehensive Insights

  • 80% of Americans don’t get enough exercise

  • 33% of people lost more weight using genetic testing that those who used traditional methods

  • <50% of Americans consume the recommended levels of 6 essential nutrients.

  • Genetic areas analyzed: Carbohydrate and fat sensitivity, appetite satiety, obesity risk, gluten sensitivity, muscle power, aerobic capacity, injury risk and much more!

viazoi Pro Comprehensive Insights

It’s common knowledge that a healthy diet and proper exercise are the key components to maintain your health.

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However, with hundreds of diet and exercise choices and varying professional opinions on their effectiveness, over half of us find it easier to do our taxes than to eat right! For some, high intensity workouts coupled with a high protein diet can lead to significant weight loss, while others respond better to a low calorie, moderate intensity workout program.

The Comprehensive Insights test is a genetic test that will give you information about nutrition & diet, fitness and training and optimal skin care

All you have to do is pay the lab fee and get your kit mailed directly to your house.

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