LG Health and Beauty Highlights

  • Holistic skincare

  • Personalized genetic skincare

  • Cutting edge professional skincare services

  • Customized home skincare routines including nutritional

  • Skincare educations classes for all ages

LG Health and Beauty

LG Health and Beauty is dedicated to holistic skin health through professional skin care services, steps and ingredients for powerful home routines, and nutrition education to make sure your skin is healthy, happy, and beautiful inside and out!!!

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By teaming up with Viazoi, we are able to get more personal through the latest scientific research. LG Health and Beauty clients now have access to topical ingredients recommendations as well as professional services and nutrition suggestions based on their very own genetic makeup to take their skin care results to the next level.

Ensure you are optimizing your wellness journey by using your genetic data. Let your body and LG Health and Beauty create a program that is right for you.

All you have to do is pay the lab fee and get your kit mailed directly to your house.

LG Health and Beauty Lab Fee
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