viazoi Pro Beauty Insights Highlights

  • Genetics account for 60% of skin properties that deal with strength, extensibility and elasticity

  • Genetics account for 40% of skin properties that deal with environmental factors like UV rays and diet

  • 100% of your report is based on your genetic markers

  • Genetic areas analyzed: Skin hydration, elasticity, pigmentation, antioxidant ability, sun sensitivity, skin aging and a skin vitamin profile

viazoi Pro Beauty Insights

Genetics account for roughly 60% of skin properties such as strength and extensibility. The other 40% of how our skin looks is a result of environmental factors and choices, such as smoking, air quality, UV rays, etc.

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While aging and individual skin condition is multifaceted and complex, scientists have discovered several key genetic markers associated with the skin predispositions. Knowing these predispositions, makes it possible to identify your skin’s natural strengths and weaknesses and create a personalized skincare regimen tailored just for you. By taking the guesswork out of skincare, you can address your skin’s specific needs with precision.

Your customized report will provide a genetic-based skin type analysis and personalized guide for you, including the knowledge and tools you need on your journey towards optimized skin.

All you have to do is pay the lab fee and get your kit mailed directly to your house.

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