A DNA report to unlock
the exercise types -
that are best for
you to lose weight.

You already have your raw ancestry data.

Now let us create your custom weight loss
plan to achieve your goals.

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Just send your data and
viazoi will do the rest.

Genetic Weight Insights (Diet and Exercise)


What’s in the report?

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Your DNA is Unique, So Why Wouldn’t Your Weight Loss Plan Be Too?

Keto? Paleo? Low Fat? Low Carb?

These diet plans are great for some people, but they can lead to terrible results for others.

Benefits of Your Custom DNA Weight Loss Plan

  • Find out what foods are optimal for your body
  • A Custom Workout Plan – find out what types of exercise are best for your body
  • Meal recommendations
  • Stop the guesswork
  • Stop wasting time and money on what doesn’t work for you

“This is like a blueprint for your fitness goals.”

What You Get

Your genetics will tell you what you need in your diet:

Do you know if you metabolize carbs or fats well?

Find out if you have carbohydrate or fat sensitivities.


Should you eliminate gluten or lactose from your diet?

Find out your sensitivity level to lactose, gluten and peanuts.

Do you know what type of exercise your body responds best to?

Find out your response to losing weight with exercise, and the intensity and type of training you should be doing.


Find out your fat, carbohydrate and calorie recommendations.

Put all this information together with your customized nutrition plan and guide.

Success Stories



five stars

“As I’ve aged, I found my typical exercise regime is not working for me like it used to. After taking my Weight Insight test, I found that my body needed something different. I’ve now added weight training into my workout and my body is seeing the results. Thank you, Viazoi!”



five stars

“I was blown away with the results of my Weight Insights genetic test! As I’ve aged, I find it harder to lose weight and now I can see why … my genetics say I should be lowering my fat intake not my carb intake, which Is what I’ve been doing! So glad I did this test.”

And There’s More in The Report!

Analyze your 10-page food reference guide for nutritional advice.

What should you eat to reduce your carbs? What should you eat to increase fiber? What alcoholic beverages have the least amount of calories or carbohydrates?


Understand your fat intake better.

What fats should you eat or avoid? Which foods are low and high in fat?

Find out the importance of hydration.

When and how much to drink.


And guess what?
There’s even more!

Click below to order not only the most comprehensive weight loss plan you have ever seen, but one that is customized to your biology.